system issues

2048 Megabytes Installed Memory
Radeon X1900xt Series
ViewSonic N2750w [Monitor] 27.2"
2.40 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64
480psu antec

i have ati version 7.2 catalyst drivers and my pc is crashing for no reason... never crashed with 7.1 w/ 8-12 hour play times

any ideas? i forgot to write down what it said last time but the gist of it said


it all started with me buying bf2142 and getting back to back crashes i installed 7.2 drivers and it did not fix it and on top of that i could NOT play other 3d games such as WoW, BF2..but i could play old skool valve games like DoD and half life fine... any ideas?
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  1. Try downloading Knoppix or another Linux LiveCD. If it loads properly and it works, your Windows installation needs repairing.
  2. just checking back in anyone have anything besides reformatting like the last guy?

    it seems theres alot of people have probs with the 7.2 drivers

    any concrete suggestions?
  3. But from what i've been reading..

    Check your PSU, seems the 1900's are kind of hogs..
    Heat, seems to be a problem, the Control center for some reason seems to have the fans on the card spinning only at about 20%..

    There are a lot of threads about 7.2.. might want to spend some time reading through them.. lot's of suggestions.

    good luck.

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