Western Digital's Hard disk high temperature!!! Help!

I bought new Western Digital hard disk, model name 2500KS... My problem is in temperature of my hard disk... In SpeedFan 4.31 it's shows 56 - 60 degrees. And when I touch my hard, it's very warm...
Can You help me?! is this temperature normal for my HD, or not? Thanks
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  1. hard disk temperature must remain within 30 to 40 degree. there are many types of cooler or cooling fan in hardware stores. buy good one today. haradisk manufacturing company recommends it. above 40 degree is bad. reliability gets 2 times less at that temperature.....
  2. Not true at all. Most hard drives are rated for 0-60C. If you're hitting 60 though, it is a bit warm. It's probably OK, but if you can easily put a fan in that area or something like that, it would probably be a good idea.
  3. 168kb bad sector in my HHD. After 3month ago i have buy my HHD. How can i solve this problem.
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