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P5B deluxe +6300 and Core 2 Duo Temperature Guide

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March 12, 2007 9:13:21 PM

OK, so from what i understood from the guide is that some software including Motherboards (in this case asus probe2 for me) reading utils may show inacurate temp results and that with the help of this guide you can fine tune the temps with the help of TAT and Speedfan. So in other words TAT tj is 97% acurate with the internal temps? and that with the use of the TEMP charts that u have handed, u can use this for a guide and finetune speedfan to get actual temp readings, right?

Ok, digested that, i have a p5b deluxe Rev c1 mobo and a 6300 c2d Rev L2. now i just want to double check something, I was using Asus Probe 2 to see if there where any -+ offsets so i can configure speedfan to acurate results so i got this readings:

TAT: Idle 43,
Probe2 cpu temp: Idle 39
sistem temp: 39
TAT:Load 59
Probe2 cpu temp: 55
sistem temp: 42

now from what i understood from the guide and looking at the chart is that if idle my tj temps from TAT are 43-45 then my proc Tc should be 30 range, then this means asus probe2 is 9 higher right? and at load if my temps from TAT are 59-63 then my proc Tc should be at 40-45 and not 55 like asus probe reported?

if this is true then i must adjust speedfan offsets (in speedfan i was getting from default instalation the same resutls as of probe 2 execpt that the core1/2 temp was far more lower than TAT readings..i was getting 27 idle) so yeah i adjusted the core temps to an ofset of +16 and gave the CPU temp an offset of -10. Now with these fine tunes i made i get a speedfan and tat reading:

Speedfan CPU Tc: 30
sistem temp: 39

Speedfan CPU Tc: 46
sistem temp: 42

i dont know about the sistem temp tho, since asus p5b deluxe uses a heat pipe for cooling the nb. so i left that un moded.
now heres the real question ^^... im i doing this right? lol

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March 12, 2007 9:14:06 PM

I get similar results as you... and I understand it to be that TAT is measuring directly from two diodes within the chip, and the mobo's sensor is positioned as to the heat is already transferring and losing energy before it is read on mobo sensors.
Also, the TAT program was programed for Meriom mobile chips, and states it is only intended to be used on like processors.
So it could be a design difference due to different voltages being read from C2D's diodes, within the formula to calculate the thermal coefficients which are causing such discrepancies.
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March 13, 2007 4:37:48 PM

You're just a little premature to draw any conclusions. You need to list your "Results" and "Variables", as shown in the Guide, so we can compare "Apples" to other "Apples". Also, the example of Results and Variables shown below the colored temp scale is based upon 1.4625 Vcore, which causes all Idle and Load temps to scale ~7c higher than 1.35 Vcore. You can appreciate how important it is for users to provide information using a consistent format. On the next update to the Guide, I will include 3 or 4 examples showing how Vcore affects all Idle and Load temps. Please re-list your info, and I can then analyze your temps.


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March 13, 2007 5:07:29 PM

thanks, ok ill do that, but one thing, by ambient temperature u mean by my room temp? or my mobo temp?

ps yeah i forgot to tell u what kind of bios setup i had, well i was using default settings from the asus p5b everything auto, no overclock.

only things moded was

PECI: disable
max cpuid value limit: disable
c1e: disable
vanderpool:D isable'

anyways im goin to wait for the ambient temp advice from u, so i can post the variables like in the guide.

Update: yes my bad it is room temp, dang now i have to get a room temp monitor =( (they dont sell em so much here in my country)
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March 13, 2007 9:44:11 PM

Yes, ambient = room temp. Just take a reading from the thermometer in the hallway for the A/C and heating controls.

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