Volt modding the EVGA 7900gt

Today, I am going to VOlt mod my GFX card. Now this operation is very easy, from my understanding, the only thing that concerns me is the temperature :x

The stock specs of my card id 500\750.
I am OC'ed @ 550\800, while running its on idle @ 55*c.
I have the VF700 on the GFX card, it appears to me that it is running alittle too hot, so I will reapply AS5. My Question is while Volt modding the cards voltage, will the card automatically know the voltage, or will I have to set it up in BIOS?
Another thing is what clock speed can I expect to reach?

Thanks for you r help
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  1. BTW my system specs :wink:

    DFI LP SLI-DR Expert
    Opteron 170 OC @ 2.60 at the moment
    Corsair XMS Pro Series DDR400
    Raptor X 150 GB
    X-fi Extreme Gamer
  2. It should be auto detected. Did a Vmod on an old ATI RAGE 128 Pro. Got about 200 Mgz GPU and 260 Mhz RAM. BTW this might help .
  3. I have my 7900gt volt moded and its running at 695/1560 and it idles around 55C. Also I have a vf900 with as5. So you should be able to get similar results and also you have to do nothing with the bios.
  4. Thank you for the feed back :D
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