Wireless access point can not see upnp media server?

Hello, I have simple home network.

1. 16 port switch 10/100
2. 1 desktop computer
3. 1 laptop computer
4. NSLU2 Twonkeymedia server
5. Netgear wg602v3 wireless access point

I just bought a laptop. I can plug the laptop into my LAN with a CAT 5e cable and see my media server UPNP devices. Now, I have since added a Wireless Access point. When I connect to the Wireless Access point with my laptop, I can not see the NSLU2 on my LAN? I have Zonealarm shut off. I have the UPNP discovery service running on my laptop? I want to stream my audio, video from a wired LAN to laptop? Does the wireless access point need to support UPNP? Is there something I am doing wrong?
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  1. TURN OFF UPnP in the laptop. HIGH SECURITY RISK. The router may have UPnP turned off, as long as the AP. You can also search by ipaddress.
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