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Which Windows 7 edition is sufficient for gaming?

Hey guys,

If I'm getting exactly the $500 specs of the June gaming PC from Tom's Hardware, which windows 7 is good for me? I3-2100, Radeon 6850.

Firstly, 32bit or 64 bit (can you briefly tell me the difference?)
And, home premium, professional, or ultimate?

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  1. First, you really want to quote or at least link to the entire spec.

    The difference between 32-bit and 64-bit is that 32-bit only supports up to 4GB of RAM.

    You'll have 4GB RAM, so 32-bit is sufficient.

    As for the version (Home, Pro, Ultimate), take a look at this baby. :D

    Home Premium should be good enough for most people - unless you really need the extra features of Professional for £30 more.

  2. I'd have to say Home Premium x64 is all that you'd need...the only reason to go to professional is if you want the Domain features.
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    I concur with huron. If you get 32 bit Windows, you will not be able to use all 4GB of RAM. 32 versions can only address a total of 4GB, and some of that addressable memory is already reserved by the BIOS, PCI bus, etc. Depending on your configuration, about 3.5GB or perhaps a little more will be available in Windows. Also, can you say you will never want to upgrade your computer in the future and throw some more RAM in there?

    64 bit is the most future proof way to go. And Home Premium should be fine, unless you are connecting to a corporate network or really need XP mode.
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