noob on overclocking needs help

i have read so many tutorials on how to overclock but the life of me cant understand how this works. i know changing the fsb and/or the multiplier can increase the cpu clock speed easily. where im stuck is the ram timing values.
my values are 5-5-5-15 at 667 mhz. in what i understand is that when i increase the clock, i have to change the values of my ram. but i dont know when and what to change.

these are the options that i have in my bios when it comes to ram:
cas latency time
dram ras# to cas# delay
dram ras# precharge
Precharge delay (tras)
act to act delay
rank write to read delay
write to precharge delay
refresh to act delay
read to predelay charge

i dont mind resetting cmos anytime my values arent correct as it always happen so i put the reset switch on cmos jumper and anybody know its so hard to press that button on an tt armor. but what annoys me in overclocking is my mobo has that "feature" that turns on and after 1 second, it turns off. that happens for about 6 times before it finally resets the cmos itself. does anybody knows how to turn this very annoying feature off? it might destroy my pc for constant surge of power on and off.
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  1. hey dont know if this is going to help you but I have the same motherboard as you and same speed ram, what I did was up the cpu multiplier 9X and changes my FSB to 333 and set my ram multiplier to 2 which is supposed to be 1fsb:1ram you supposed to keep your ram as 1:1, I just left ram voltages on auto, also not to sure about ram voltages. BUT I have a E6600 so dont know the difference in how much you can overclock yours but I got from 2.4 to 3gig, standard cooling, also once overclocked download TAT-thermal analysis tool from intel, great help on seeing how much your pc is overclocked and what heat your cpu is running at and you can also run CPU loads to test how your CPU handles the overclock. dont know if any ofthis helped you, good luck
  2. thanx for the reply, my multiplier is locked at 20 so the only thing i can change is fsb and i have it on 1:1. i cant get the fsb to go above 180 or the cycle happens. aslo idont think that TAT supports my cpu. im using temp monitor at the att. do you have that power cycle too?
  3. no, no cycle, I think that has to do with what type of CPU you have, well I dont know your cpu very well but I dont think it has same fsb as E6600 which is 1033 I think or something close to that number, the only thing I can think of if search the internet for a overclocking guide for your CPU, or just get a E6400 or E6600 which totally rock, so easy to overclock and are fast!
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