upgrade or no upgrase, this is the question?

could get a new mis 8800 gts for about 60$ extra if i sell my pci card. is it worth it? benchmarks seems to indicate yes. 8800 gts supports direct 10X even though no games yet. i have Vista now. R600 does not seem to come out very soon and for the little that i would have to pay, seems like a logical thing to do since i'm getting a good price for my x1900xtx. thoughts anyone? thanks
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  1. "To be or not to be " well in this case i would definitely suggest that you sell your card.


    What you get today for your card you will not get when other dx 10 cards arrive.

    The 8800 for 60$ more is a dream investment . I mean if you had to spend over a 100 dollars for the card then i would have told you not to do it.

    In this scenario its perfect . In the words of Julius Ceaser " Vidi Vini Vinci "

    "I came" "I saw" "I conquered " :D Get that card NOW !!!
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