12V at 26A for 8800GTS? Help!

The new XFX 8800GTS has a minimum power supply requirement of 400Watt or greater(with a 12V current rating of 26A)

since i am not an electrician i just thought that mine will not suport this rating.
but after i looked around i notis that there are no power supply's that go over 19A at +12V?

i have an Antec SL400 came with the Case.
what PSU should i get?
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  1. Read the PSU 101 sticky, that should clear up some misconceptions.

    If your just going to use a single 8800gts in your system this psu will be more then enough. If your planning on upgrading to something like an 8800gtx in the future or are planning on some heavy duty oc'ing get either this psu, or this psu.
  2. 26A is for a PSU with a single 12V rail.

    PSUs now have multiple 12V rails.

    I think any quality PSU with two rails is good enough for a 8800GTS.


    Your Antec SL400 is a 18A single 12V rail so it's not good enough for a 8800GTS.
    18A*12V = 216W and thats about what a PC usualy draws. You need 300W or more on 12V to be good.

    A CPU usualy draws around 100W and a GPU also usualy draws around 100W.
  3. My PSU clames to be 400W 12V 18A
    dose this still mean it wont be enough?
  4. No chance, i'm afraid.
  5. There are legit psu's for a decent price from the egg that will handle the 8800's, but take a close examination of your future needs...imo you need to upgrade correctly :D .But yes,your lookin at the money train,new psu gl.
  6. that min is if you got nothing but a 20w lap top cpu and 256mem then you can run a 400w

    get a 550-600w psu 35amp+
  7. well if you can even get it too run i bet it shuts down in les then 3 mins - of not then 15mins of gaming it will crash once the psu heats up and amps fall off
  8. So a COOLER MASTER Real Power 850W will be find even though its 12V rails are 18amp? because the 8800GTS ses it needs minimum of 26amps at 12V?
  9. When you mount your graphics card to your motherboard into the pci-16 slot, that connection provides up to 75 watts. You also will have a connector to your gfx card that will add power. This is all from your 12 volt rails, meaning that youll have more than one access point for 12 volt power. Each access point carries so many amps, depending on your psu. The total of all the rails should read more than what your gfx cards needs are
  10. Yes PSU 101 is good to start but I couldn't find what the 12v rails actually are. Is it the cable go to the mainboard ? Or the power connector for the pci-e graphics card ?

    I have Tagan Easycon 480w. It says 20A on two 12v rails on split mode and 30A combined. My mobo has a 20+4 pin and an extra 4 pin next to the CPU. And the psu has 2x6pin power connectors for pci express graphics cards. I have x1950xt and ATI says it needs a psu with 30a.

    I believe i wouldn't use split mode but i wonder what that split mode actually does. What benefits from split mode ?
  11. I asked this because there's a swicth on the PSU. Split mode, Combined Mode.

    Thanks for the reply. I know that 30A requirement from ATI is more likely a figurative value.
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