need help with external storage (backup)

Hi, I was looking at the external storages for backup purpose and I realised that I needed some help...

I have 2 desktop and 2 laptop at home.
All of them are running with Vista Ultimate and are relatively new.
I'll be making backup everynight
The external harddrive will be used only for backup purpose and also for storage of disc-images...
The two desktops are wired directly to the router while the two laptop will run the backup through the wireless

I was looking at external boxes with convientionnal HD in it with ethernet connection that I could connect directly to the router and the other solution, an external USB/firewire box with builtin HD that I would share on the network.

What's the best between those two solutions? Is there any other solutions that i am not considering?
Will I need any specific backup software? Should I use the software that comes with the product? Should I use the backup utility from vista?

I'm looking at the reviews right now and both LaCie external boxes and WD MyBook seem nice but they never compare these two kind in the reviews...

Any help will be greatly appreciated,
thank you!
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  1. I believe that THG has some reviews on NAS devices.
  2. Quote:
    I believe that THG has some reviews on NAS devices.

    I already checked. There is some but almost all of them are before 2005... pretty old
  3. I'm currently looking for the same thing. I was looking at some NAS devices from Buffalo. Are these any good? Like maybe one of the LinkStation pros? I think the 500GB version is about $275 or something.
  4. I don't know about them but I saw this NAS, it is about 200-300$ everywhere but this website is selling it only for 99$! It is a simple tech
  5. I dunno if I would trust anything that cost $99...
  6. it's up to you. I saw the same exact NAS at my local store for 275$
    If I lived in the US, I would have ordered it but they don't ship to canada...
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