should I buy another 6600GT for SLI or change for X1950pro

Hi !

I already have a 6600GT and I want to know if the best for my gaming performance is to buy another 6600GT for doing SLI or just go ahead and buy a X1950pro ???

thanks !!
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  1. X1950Pro will kill two 6600GTs.

    Go for the X1950Pro for sure.
  2. I agree. Besides, SLI and/or Xfire is a waste with low to mid-range cards, and is only really worth it with high-end.
  3. A new 6600GT is a ripoff right now, simply not worth the $80+.
  4. buy an 8800 GTS 320mb. for less than 300 dollars that is your best deal. Not to meantion it will wipe its butt with an x1950
  5. It's highly unlikely that he has that kind of budget.
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