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I dont know much about headphones as I mostly a speaker person, but my new apt has a shitty neighbor living underneath me, so I need some headphones to blast the music. I currently have the Logitech Z-680 from back in the day. Anyway, I am currently using the ALC883 Realtek chip cuz my audigy 2 zs wont work properly under vista. Anyway, what headphones would suit me well for under 75 bux. I play games, sometimes, not too much FPS, more so RTS and RPG's. I listen to alot of trance and techno music. Got any tips? thanks!
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  1. I've got a pair of Sennheiser HD 212's that are great. They are over the ear & work well to block out the outside sounds, I use them on the subway & train into work everyday & to listen to music & movies at night. They don't have a mic if you want one for gaming, I don't use one anyway, but otherwise a great pair.
    Amazon.com: Sennheiser HD 212
  2. I'm always happy to recommend the Koss PortaPro's. They have several things going for them:

    - Excellent sound - tight bass - sound is very open and natural

    - Light - wearable for hours without fatigue

    - Lifetime no questions asked warranty

    They are not sealed so some outside sound will get in, which may not be a bad thing. You can still hear the telephone, doorbell or sirens if you don't have the music cranked too loud.
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