Purchasing New ASUS Mobo, Can't Decide Which!!

Hello all, this is my first post, but I've always loved Tom's Hardware for being simply the greatest hardware site I've ever used :)

So a while back I was happily using my Asus P4P800-deluxe (socket 478) with an Intel P4 2.8GhzHT, when (after 3 years of hard use) it decided to die on me. The motherboard is very, very dead and even though the CPU still functions I want to upgrade to something with a better socket and PCI-express. I have a nice chunk of change to drop on a new purchase of Mobo and CPU combo, and I can also sell old parts from my old system so price is not an issue here.

My question for you is which combo should I choose?


I have never had an AMD cpu before, but I hear they're very durable for overclocking -- something I tend to do religiously :oops:

I am asking you kind readers to give me your honest opinion as to which combo I should buy, or if you have a better recommendation PLEASE SHARE!!

p.s. My old S-ATA harddrive was configured for my old motherboard, will it still work on the new set-up or will I have to reformat??

Thank you!
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  1. Go with number 1 :)
    I recently upgraded to an ASUS Mobo and E6300, and it is Very overclockable!

    Your SATA drive will not need reformatting. You simply connect it to your new Mobo and go. If it is jumpered to 150, you can remove it, and it will then do 300 speed connection. The newer mobos are backwards compatible with the SATA drives.
  2. so you would recommend the Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13GHz OEM Processor over the AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ 2.40GHz OEM Processor then??

    Does the intel mobo have better features in your opinion?
  3. I would stay with a Intel C2D CPU and and for MoBo



    If you go with the Gigabyte try and find the new 3.3 revision that supports 1333fsb.

    Good Luck :D
  4. Well my choice is between the above two motherboards, I just don't know whether to get the AMD or Intel combo, can anyone help me?????
  5. Intel combo.
  6. yea i went with the Intel bundle and this fan so i can overclock the shit outta it:

    thanks everyone for helping me!
  7. The AMD combo have features like PCI-X that maybe not useful for you look at this:



    this combos is greater for you

    Sempron 2800+ @ 1.85GHz
    K8N-Ultra Dragon Mobo - Soyo
    1GB DDR400 - Geil
    Geforce 6200 D8 - GigaByte
    320GB HDD sata - WD
    80GB HDD - Seagate
    DVD-RW - Sony
    CD-RW - Gigabyte
    CD-RW - Ricoh
    19" LCD L-1900J - LG
    480 Watt PS with Active PFC - Green
  8. Your welcome,

    Nice Fan, BUT they do have a 120mm one. LOL
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