CPU vs Graphic Card Dilemma

New guy here. I've been gathering info for building my new gaming computer. I'm trying to keep it under $900 ($800 even better) and here's the dilemma I ran into. Initially, I was thinking of going for the e6400 and radeon x1950 xt to get the best performance for the buck. But now that the 8800 gts is out, I am very tempted to get that instead. However, within the same price constraint, I'll end up for an amd x2 4200+ for the CPU. So, the question is, which would perform better gaming-wise (I'm aiming for UT3, which has not been released yet):
1. e6400 and radeon x1950xt
2. amd x2 4200+ and 8800 gts 320mb superclocked

With all things equal (2gb pc5300 ram, etc.). I am not planning to OC and actually, not planning to use Vista/Dx10. However, I might sell the computer 2 years later (when I move out of the country) and I am afraid that the x1950 xt without dx10 ability would make it difficult to sell.

Any thoughts? Thanks guys!
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  1. http://www23.tomshardware.com/graphics.html?modelx=33&model1=608&model2=548&chart=204

    X1950XT isn't on the list, but it's a tad slower than X1950XTX.
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