my puter hates me and needs some tlc can you help?

Hi everyone,

Recently my puter started acting up and I thought the the bios had some how become corrupted. (I had previous tried formatting the harddrive) It never took a clean install and kept giving me repeated error messages during and after installation. Moreover, it was took extremely long to install. So I decided to flash the most recent intel bios... well I did that and it resulted in a no boot. Going into the bios I discovered that the newest bios removed a lot of the overclocking options... whatever, I cleared the cmos and loaded defaults and still couldn't get it to boot. I played around with the settings but was unsuccessful at fixing whatever had occurred.

Needless to say this is my built system:

d975xbx rev. 304
twincorsair 2gb (1x) ddr2 800mhz sdram
pentium d805
nvidia 6800gt 256mb pci-e

I'm pretty sure that the reason I'm having problems is because the memory I had is conflicting with the most up to date bios. However, for whatever reason recovery mode is not working on the mother board and I can't get the diskette drive to boot up when I remove the jumper. I am will to buy more memory or upgrade the processor...

Well, needless to say I do lot of high end graphic production and I'm struggling on my wimpy laptop... I can barely even run Archicad :(

Plz need help!!!!
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  1. Hmmm... the ram would have been underclocked. Strange although the board isn't designed for ddr2 800. I wish I knew more about this... Moreover, the ram is barely 8 months old. :(

    Also without the ram plugged I received three beeps which I read was code for motherboard A-OK!
  2. Also the ram voltage maybe too low. 1.8 is normal for most boards but pc6400 usually needs 2.0 or more.
  3. well i tried each of the ram sticks individually and still could not get a boot... its annoying b.c. i don't know anyone with ddr2-- i just find it strange that this happened immediately after i flashed the most up to date bios-- i also find it funny that i can't get the floppy drive to work in recovery mode... well i might just go ahead and order up some ddr2 667 but i was planning upgrading to a core 2 and overclocking... :(
  4. Hey I bumped the 2nd stick alone up to 2.2 dropped the mhz to 533 with 4-4-4-12 timings and I got a boot!!! Yay!!!! Thanks guys!!! On a side note, for someone who lives off of adobe illustrator, archicad and rhinoceros nurbs modeler what would be more useful? Upgrading ram or switching to a core 2 duo?

    i'm testing both the sticks individually... now
  5. okay it looks like both of you guys were right... voltage was too low and one of the memory sticks had gone bad... :( hope corsair has a return policy for faulty memory...
  6. From Corsair web Page
    Corsair's memory modules, SD, and CF Flash Memory cards all carry a lifetime warranty.
    NP! :D
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