2 nvidia cards, non SLI?

Hello, I just built my rig a few months ago and got the evga 680i, 7600gt, pentium d 805, 700w ocz gamexstream psu, and a gig of a-data ram. I've recently acquired my third monitor which I'd like to run, but the 7600gt only has 2 vga outputs (already did research on trying to convert the s-video to vga, but it requires going through a seperate processor that costs an extra 40 bucks or whatever). Anyways, I didn't wanna spend another 100 bucks on an extra 7600gt for SLI, so I just cheaped out on and bought a 7100gs for the third monitor. I did this because I was told by a few people in my comp tech class that you don't need sli/crossfire just to use more than 2 vga outputs, you only need that if you want to combine the processing power, but if not then windows xp pro supports pretty much as many outputs as you have, right?

Well, I got the card today and put it in on the third pcix16 slot down like you're supposed to, booted up, not recognized. Inserted driver disc, went to install, but as I figured it was just the nvida forceware driver I already had (and an older version at that). So uhh, yeah, I'm not quite sure what to do. I tried everything I could think of but just can't get it to recognize both adapters, or get any output to the third. Not even in the bios, which normally outputs to all monitors hooked up.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Well, that makes sense I suppose, but I don't really recall any options in the bios directly pertaining to sli. I have however adjusted the reference clocks on both the pcix16 slots to make sure they match each other (they normal would've in the first place, but I had the first one running at 140 instead of 100, so I upped the other one as well). I suppose I could've overlooked it or something though, I'll go ahead and check right now and then come back and tell you what happens.

    Alright, checked and didn't see anything I could enable for it. I saw "sli-ready memory: not detected", so I hope I don't need to buy new ram for this, I don't see why I would . . .
    There was also "pci/vga pallete snoop" which was disabled by default, and "payload size" which was maxed to 4096 by default. No options to enable sli and/or enable/disable pci slots, though :cry:
  2. doh! :lol:
    I did at least try it the x8 slot meant for physics cards and it of course wouldn't boot and told me to move it back, so I at least no it detected it anyways. But yeah, definitely a good idea to try it by itself, heh, I'll go do that.
  3. yup, card's fine
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