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I am trying to automate computer name generation in the
sysprep.inf. I want to use the department name as the
prefix and then have a number to differentiate the
machines. For example RTCC1, RTCC2 and so on. Any ideas
on the parameters for this? Basically the organization
name takes care of the prefix part, but what variable
would I use for the numbers?
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.setup_deployment (More info?)

    You would probably have to program it yourself (or ask a friend).

    I've seen a solution with Automated Deployment Services (ADS). ADS is a part
    of a feature pack for Windows Server 2003. It is a free download from:
    They do it this way.
    - Prepare a template sysprep.inf file
    - You put keywords in places where you want substitution. For example
    - You assign diferrent name to each computer ie $CompNam$
    - The new name is substituted in target sysprep.inf file. Of course, each
    computer has unique sysprep.inf file.

    Dusko Savatovic
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