PS recomendation for build?

Quick question & hopefully quick answer<grin>

I'm planning on building the following

ASUS P5B-E P965 Mobo
Corsair 2GB DDR2 800
EVGA 256 GeForce 7900GS (with no desire to go duel)
4--SATA WD Caviar 320GB
NZXT Full Tower Case
BenQ DVD Burner
Optical drive

I've run the power calculator at and got a PSU recommended wattage of 400.

I think this 600w OCZ should be ok with plenty of room for add on's in the future. Am I correct or off base? Any better recomendations?

Thanks for any & all replies!!

I checked here
and the OCZ 600w is rated at 48.33amp.
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  1. I'd say you're on the right track. The config you give would probably draw much less than 400W on the average day, and I'd say 400W will give you plenty of headroom (assuming a good quality PSU). However, if you want to plan for upgrades (especially something like new high end graphics cards) 600W wouldn't hurt.
  2. Wow! 89 reviews with 5 eggs! Not to mention the 4 +12rails makes this a real winner at that price. I say you picked a winner here although, it sure would be nice if it was modular though. :wink:
  3. Thanks for input. It's *really* nice to know I'm not off base befor I spend the $$.

    This'll be my first build so I want the parts to be no problem-
    Husband with experence has agreed to advise & point.
    It should be an interesting build. <lol>
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