ok need a lil bios help for 965 DS3 rev 2 memory settings

omg never realized just how many settings you overclockers use! using default settings with 2gb (1gbX2) 6400/800 g skill ram. i know i need to adjust ram voltage and timing but cant seem to navigate to the right spot in bios settings. will learn oc,ing as time permits (and after i learn ALOT more lol), but could use sum guidance setting bios up on the basics. play alotta eq2 and can use the performance :) stock cpu cooler on a e6400 thanks in advance for any and all help
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  1. At the BIOS main menu you must hit Ctrl-F1 to unlock more BIOS options. Then you will find voltages and RAM timings under the M.I.T. option (bottom of left column).

    You'll see the screen flicker when you hit Ctrl-F1, so you'll know it worked.

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