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Hi, everybody. I am again in need of the experts’ help; that would be you guys. 8) I’ve 2 problems. They are-
1.If I buy the E6400, will it be a bottleneck for 800GTS? :? E6600 is too expensive compare to the E6300 and E6400. I have to stay with the stock :( . Will the extra money improve the performance significantly if I buy E6600 rather than E6400? :? I love to play games, that is why I’m worried.

2.I also have very little knowledge about motherboards. I want to buy a motherboard that will support my 8800GTS along with E6600/E6400 and 2GB (4GB) RAM. Again, I’ve to stick with the stock. I will buy a new PC rather than upgrade this one. So I don’t want to buy an expensive motherboard with future upgradeable options like SLI or Quad core supports. As I’ve no intentions to upgrade my 8800GTS and E6600/E6400 so I just need a motherboard that will support this rig well enough to run smoothly. :) I know I can find many motherboards in bestbuy, newg etc. but the problem is I’ve no idea about motherboards. :oops: I’ll be grateful if you guys give some suggestions about the motherboards.

Thanks for reading. :D Any suggestion will be helpful. Thanks in advance. :D
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  1. 1. Gaming with an 8800 GTS, you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference using an E6300, E6400, or even E6800 with the human eye. The graphics card will be the major factor in framerates.

    2. Get a good cheap mobo, performance won't make a difference. Usually the difference is extras - like how many SATA ports, etc.

    The Biostar T-force 965PT is an excellent, reasonably priced mobo... I did alot of research and found one. Great overclocker too, even if you're not into that. ;)
  2. I like the Abit AB9 now. Didnt like it at first until i upgraded the bios and now its quitea nice board to o/c with and isnt very expensive. Oonly has 1pcie slot though i think. Supports everything you will need, and quad core i beleive?

    *edit i think it has more than one pcie slot* i dont evemn know my own board : /
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