3800 X2 OC'd temp's and ram setting Problems

Ok, i'm a total noob to OCing but i've been able to get my 3800 X2 up to 2.46 with out a prob. I want to go higher but can't find a MoBo monitor that will work with my sensors (BFG 590 SLI, why didn't i buy in Asus?). Speed fan, Everest, SiSandra are all telling me my 3800 OC'd and non OC'd of 52 Degrees C all the time (idle and load) bios says non OC'd 23 degrees C and OC'd at 28 degrees C so i know they arn't right. MBM 5 wont post a reading from a sensor at all! Don't have any way of knowing my load temps???

Secondly my 2 GB AMS2 Corsair DDR2 800 is auto setting at DDR2 400 5-5-5-18, have played with some changes but have had no luck getting past 667 and bring my timing down at all. Any ideas?

Mark 06 score of 8153 :( (maybe not to bad though?)

BFG 590 SLI - 3800 X2 - Zalman 9700 - XMS2 2GB - EVGA 8800 GTS 640MB - Antec NeoPowerHE 550
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  1. overclock the memory and cpu separatedly if possible - is your ram voltage 2-2.1? change that first.

    turn up the voltage on the ddr2 to 2.1 slow ram like yours usually is spec 1.9-2.1v but runs better at 2.1v some ram will not take voltage over 2.15

    5-5-5-18 ddr800 is really low end ram i suggest you get 4-4-4-12 patriot its under $200 for 2 gigs with rebate or 4-4-4-12 667 corsair is $162 at the egg. i used both these this week - the corsair runs good a 1250 4-4-4-12 2.1v - bios test only

    cpu speed could be nb voltage or cpu voltage - better cooler will allow higher voltage - although your temps are fine

    you need to make one change at a time and set cpu and mem speed indendently.

    the best cooler is thermal right ultra-90 you can find it for under $30, next is vennessa s which is $33 at newegg last i looked - for the price these cooler will greatly lower your temps compared to stock. bad coolers not to use #1 is zalman, $70 and average performance, anything that looks like it came from another world.

    Intel is #1 but flaming is bad! :twisted:
  2. Thanks for the advise DragonSlayer, when i did the build i didn't even know what the timings meant. Blown most my free cash on the build and the new ram will have to wait for a while but does any one know what the ram i have can take?

    I don't think i'm having overheating problems at all, i just want to know my MOBO temps while i'm in windows. Don't know what my load temps are and how much higher i can take CPU (i don't want to go higher with out knowing)
  3. i almost have the same problem as u.i just falsely bought geil DDR2 667 platinum and whatever i do it just can get to DDR800.. :(
  4. Ok i got my ram up to DDR2 800 but thats not the big problem, I need to know what i'm doing wrong with one (or any) of the MoBo monitoring programs i have tryed. I'm Oc'd to 2.5 but have no idea what my temps are??????

    Can Any One Help Me?????
  5. HAHAHA, to any one that has my problem NVidia Ntune has a System monitor that shows me everything at the right NUMBERS (idle at 28 to 29). So i'll be finding out my load temps here soon and see how much faster that CPU of mine will be going.
  6. No one could even try to help me with a program idea, so if any one had the same problem that would prob. help. Maybe you'd be less of a jack ass if you read my problem at the top of the post
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