Looking to buy new personal router.

I am almost fed up with my wireless connection. Whenever I go to play games I constantly get dropped because my wireless connection keeps disconnecting then reconnecting. I'm looking to upgrade both my router and maybe my wireless card if needed, but I know very little about wireless connections.

Here's the basics: I have about 3-4 computers using the internet at once in my house, only 2 would be putting high strain on the bandwidth (games and downloading large files), the others are just surfing the web. The router I have now is some cheap ZyXEL brand and my wireless card is D-Link AirPlus DWL-520+. I contemplated running a long ethernet cord from the router directly to my PC through the attic, but alas I cannot reach my room from where it would need to go.

Any suggestions? The router would just be for personal use inside my house, and my computer is roughly 50 or so feet away from where the router would be, only 1 wall seperating them. Thank you.
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  1. Your wireless router is over heating under heavy load. This is quite common with residential wireless routers. If you want the best performance you should use a seperate AP. Seperate's will out perform combo units. Then you could position it for best performance. Turn off the built-in radio in the router. You will need a open nic port on the router to go this way.

    As far as a wired router go with a SMB if yours can not handle the load.
  2. How many wireless PCs you have? Are they having the same problem?
    You need to check also the direct connection on the router (connecting PC wth a cable on the router) to check if you'll encounter the same problem on the router. If both connection are having an on and off connection, check also the connection on your modem by connecting your PC directly to it.
    If the direct connection on the router is OK it means that the problem is only with the wireless connection. Check if there are interferring device at home, check the wirteless settings of the router - maybe you're still using the default settings of the router (personalize your settings).
    If only 1 PC is having the problem, other wireless PCs are ok, it means that the problem is with that PC or wireless card.
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