Help plz help.....can't get into BIOS/CMOS

Becuz of the good review of arctic silver 5(AS5) i was gonna repalce & apply new AS5 for my Pent D 805. Becuz the old grease were all over the CPU & the CPU plate, so i took out the cpu to clean everything. I then apply the AS5 & installed everything back. when i first turn it on, the starting screen show that it's in safe mode & ask me to reset the CPU & memory setting on CMOS. but i can;t get into the BIOS when i hit the DEL key, beside, the screen when blank.............i was able to run window when I hit F1 instead of DEL. But my previous setting are gone (3.32 back to 2.66ghz) my ABIT Guru wre not working........plz help, wan to set it back to 3.32.

thx in advance
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  1. i just wipe it with a dry paper tower. no other stuff were use.
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