Quiet core2duo cooler needed for moderate overclocking

Quiet core2duo cooler needed for moderate overclocking at moderate price, used also as media pc eg noise is an issue - any suggestions please?
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  1. Heatsink section does show the Artic Freezer 7 Pro is back. Company is Ebaying it for 19 bucks, I think NewEgg has it for 36 bucks if I remember correctly. They did have it at an insane price of 70 bucks. :lol:

    Since you want to a moderate OC, try sticking with the stock HSF. If its too noisy, then you should perhaps shop around.
  2. Arctic Cooler Freezer 7 Pro...under $20.00...performs between the Zalman 9500 & 9700 coolers. Great bang for the buck. Buy some Shin-Etsu X23 Thermal Interface Material to go with it...will drop your temps an additional 4c below Arctic Silver 5:

    DaClan Review: Thermal Interface Shootout

    Hope this helps,

    Comp 8)
  3. THanks for that - I can't seem to find that therm paste in the UK though so may have to go with my existing silver and see how I go from there. I checked and my cpu looks like it comes retail boxed so maybe I should just try it and if I don't like it then shop for a cooler.
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