Computer starts up when i bump it?!?

Uh.. I have no idea which forum this should really go in so i put it in here.. because i have a P5W DH deluxe

Anyway.. my problem: I built my own computer and was fine after a *few* reboots.. but lately it just decides to boot up for no real reason.. Bump the desk.. computer turns on.. nudge the comp itself.. same thing.. Even just moving the mouse caused it to to start up for a while.. :? Anyone that knows whats going on feel free to let me know..
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  1. Maybe it's possessed :twisted:
  2. :? Urg. Don't think that possibility hadn't crossed my mind.. But leaving out demonic possession..
  3. USB 2.0 ports 3 and 4 support S5 wake-up by USB. For the location of these ports, see page 2-4 in the users manual.

    I'm willing to bet you have something (mouse) plugged into either of these ports.
  4. ^^^ WHS

    Go into bios and under power management or something...
    There will be 'Wake by"... PS2 Keyboard, PS2 Mouse + more. Turn these to disabled.

    If that doesnt work... reset bios to default... if no joy crack her open and physically check all connections.

    I know u can bump start cars... but computers??? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. This could also be a faulty power switch in the case. Try unplugging the power switch lead to the motherboard and see if it eliminates the bump-starts.
  6. ...Or you can just have a priest read the holy bible and throw some holy water at it, in which case you will at least know why it is NOT going to switch on ever again!
  7. Sorry I wasn't as clear as I guess I should have been.

    Ports 3 and 4 are used by additional USB hardware such as the Asus DH Remote. The IR receiver is to be plugged into either of these USB ports.
    I wasn't suggesting that he check the BIOS and disable any wake-on-USB or the like. Unless I am completely mistaken, and Asus has added this in a BIOS update that I have not seen, there is no option to disable the S5 wake-on-USB in the Power Management section. Also, the defaults in Power Management are all [Disabled], Itheral would have had to enable one of these to be affected the way you are suggesting.

    So, Itheral should just unplug any USB devices from ports 3 and 4, and use the additional USB bracket included with the board, if they need more than USB ports 1 and 2.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions people. Next time i restart the computer i'll look through the bios and see if anything looks off..

    And to SirDevon: My mouse is actually plugged into my keyboard which is plugged into USB 1.. so IDK. Im lookin into everything at the moment
  9. Did you try screaming at it like " Computer Activate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Maybe it will turn on that way too.

    I've been thinking to install a Clapper for my pc.
  10. Did you find the 'ghost in the system'?
  11. Nothing in the Bios really stuck out when i looked through.. At this point Im thinking the power switch may just have some weird wiring or something..

    Only started by itself 1 time in the last 4 days though.. thats an improvement :D
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