Vista Ultimate and ATA Raid Problem

I recently installed Vista Ultimate on a comptuer that had XP on it. I am using an Adaptec ATA Raid 1200A controller card. While installing Vista i loaded the XP Driver for the card which worked when i installed the RC1 Beta pack about 3 months earler. Well Vista installed fine and when it goes to boot up i see the loading screen for no lie, about 20 min then i can get into vista. If i have to restart or shut down the computer, i have to wait another 20 to 30 min just to use it. Is there a reason why the beta pack worked and now the acutal copy of Vista will not?

Computer specs:

Intel Core 2 E6300
2 Gig's RAM
4 120 GIG Drives
Adaptec ATA Raid 1200A
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  1. Yes RC1 didn't require signed drivers or at very least didn't refuse to load them.
  2. so what would be the best route? Didn't find that many cards that are ATA compatible with vista. Is there a way to force unsigned drivers or something along the lines of that?

    Thanks for your response though
  3. My money is on a driver problem.

    I had some trouble with the JMicron controller on my particular motherboard for the first couple of months that I owned it. I could install XP or Vista RC-1 on the array using XP drivers but as soon as it was time for the very first boot into Windows, all that I would get was a black screen. The drivers weren't all bad - I could clone the OS from a lone SATA drive to run on the array once I had pre-loaded the drivers from within Windows.

    The clone routine worked as a temporary fix for me until a particular driver and BIOS version combined to solve the problem. I didn't test the two things seperately to see which one might have solved the problem alone but as I said earlier, my money is on the driver. Just keep checking the Adaptec site for a driver update.
  4. yea, i have been checking but it dosent look like there going to make a driver for vista, but on the good side i did notice someone saying that this card can work on the Highpoing RocketRaid driver, which there is one for vista, when i downloaded it and compared it to my adaptec windows XP driver, they are almost the same, so i am going to give it a shot, well once this comptuer actully starts up.
  5. Just to let everyone know, i ended up last night reformating everything again, but this time when i went to load the driver for the raid i used the HighPoint RocketRaid driver from there site and everything works fine now, under the device manager it still says it can't find a driver for a PCI Communication Controller but everything boots right up without a problem, so if you are having issues with a Adaptect raid card, try the HighPoint RockeRaid drivers, there are ones on there site for Vista, but i think it is only for the 32 bit edition.

    Thanks for all the help!
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