Remove 'Recycler' and 'System Volume Information'

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last week I had a blue screen of death on my Windows 2000 standard server
with SP4.
I had to reinstall the system.

I restored the C-Drive and D-drive from tape created with NTBACKUP to a new
folder on another disk on that server, just to verify if I had everything in

Now I want to remove those restored drives but Windows won't let me.
If I look into these 'restored' folders I see a 'Recycler' and 'System
Volume Information' folder (hidden).

My questions are:
Is there a way to delete these system folders?
Is it safe to delete these system folders?


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  1. you can safely remover the recycler and the system folder(if the system folder is not on the drive containing the OS) the restart the system. firstly thought delete all Thumbs.db also hold shift when deleting so they go permanently. also you show delete the recycler from all volumes. use search
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