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Hi people. Due to the 686B southbridge-SBLive! _incurable_ bug I got, I decided to move on to Windows XP.
I will have it by tomorrow, so I'd like to know how it works, what kind of drivers I will have to download (win2k ones? most drivers aren't out for WinXP yet... what to do?), how can I be sure it will be compatible with my current system... etc. (I will format my HD - well, read on after this). I'm running Windows98SE right now... I would be able to un-install windows xp right?
Also, I really have to format my computer. But the problem is that I only have 1 HD and I need to keep about 10 Gigs of stuff (mp3 mostly). And I have a little more than 10 gigs of HD space left, so is there a way (I beleive there is) I can create a second partition on my HD (a 10 gig one), then transfer my stuff on it and format the main one and STILL have my stuff on the second partition? What program can I use to do that (I must be 100% sure it works good - and it must be free)?
Also, will I be able to install win xp directly, or will I have to re-install windows 98 SE before? And if, afterwards, I want to install windows 2k instead of win xp, will that be possible to install windows 2k over it?
I know that's a lot of questions, but awnsers would help me a _lot_ and save me from loosing all my important stuff .
Thanx a lot!
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  1. Buy another hard drive for your backup, and return it when you're done.

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  2. Here is a solution where you won't lose any of you files by creating a new partition on the same HDD. <A HREF="" target="_new">Partition Magic 7.0</A> now supports WinXP and HDD's up to 80GB. Probably cheaper than purchasing a new HDD, only if you have the disk space.

    Also, if you have the disk space you can make a separate partition for each of the OS's.

    It sound to me that $$$ is a problem for you, so you will either have to do one of two things purchase the program or purchase another HDD. Even water isn't FREE anymore these days.

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  3. Well, I just did it for free... Using Ranish Partition Manager Version 2.40.00. This utility works awesome, it's a DOS GUI but it still did it. It was hard and took me a lot of time, but that's worth every single second (I would have thrown 80 CAN bucks away to get Partition Magic 7.0)... Still thanx for the help guys!
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