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Access denied?

Why is it that when I take the "Read Only" attribute off of a file it instantly resets itself even after I apply it and say it's OK. I'm on an admin account so I don't understand why I wouldn't be able to go where I want and mess with it's insides. Please help, there's nothing I hate more than my computer telling me I can't do something to it. That's why I like Linux but it's so much damn work to use. Also, I notice under certain circumstances there are files with locks next to them similar to the admin's profile's one, I can't see them generally but if I open them when I'm looking through another program for a specific type of file they show up. I have hidden folders and files set to show but these are different. I even went into the regedit to make sure I had hidden=1. Thanks for the help, hope to get this down soon!
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    look here this lets you take control of most files that normally you cant--works in vista and windows 7 dont know about xp
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  3. Oh cool, I appreciate it. I think I need to learn about ACL's... I've forgotten them completely. Thanks again!

    Edit: A very nifty tool indeed!
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