DS3: single sata drive, which port?

I only have ove one drive now, which sata port should it be connected to?
One of the 4 ports controlled by the ICH8 or the Gigabyte sataII connector??

I will be getting another (primary) HD in 2 days. Which controller should I be using for the two...no raid.
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  1. any ports, although it is usual to use connectors in rising numerical order. When you install 2 x SATA drives, just don't enable RAID in BIOS.

    Good Luck :)
  2. I started with the purple Gigabyte SATA port, but my HDD showed up as a removable USB drive in WinXP.

    So, I switched to one of the non-Gigabyte SATA ports and things work fine.
  3. I just installed my 2nd sata drive and both are in the ICH8 controller. I just don't have alot of trust in the JMicron controller unless your using raid, then your forced.
  4. I had a really good read on this, very detail, and very useful information.
  5. Im using the jmicron controller for raid and 1 ich8 for a single drive. Both works great. Jraid is blazing fast.
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