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I am using win 7 ultimate N (32 bit)version from about 2 years back but found never this sort of problem. The problem is that my win 7 partition (C:\ drive) is eating my hard-disk ... as when i installed windows it shows correct space used but after a while it start showing wrong space used ... like now when I enters C:\ and show all hidden and then select all of them then it shows only 11 GB used but from outside means from My Computer it shows 9.34 GB free of 24.9 GB ... and I have disabled all windows feature to correct this problem such as update, backup, hibernate everything extra ... and the matter get worse when it start swallowing space continuously means without installing anything or doing update the used memory shown by my computer continuously increases ... PLZ HELP FRIENDS !!!! :(

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  1. where are all PRO's gone ??? :(
  2. Run disk cleanup. One of the options in disk cleanup is to delete all but the last restore point. If you don't think you'll need to do a system restore soon, you should have it remove your restore points.
  3. @hawkeye22 ... i have deleted all restore points ... even i have turn off back up and restoring option
  4. Browse your windows explorer for huge file sizes. That'll tell you what is eating up the storage space.
  5. Run windirstat. It will show a graphical representation of files/folders and you can see where the big ones are at.

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