Please Give me honest feedback on my next build...~$1300

Hey guys. I'm just trying to get some honest feedback about my build. See where some improvement might be made (I mean i know where it could be improved, but i'm talking within reason).

USES: Adobe Creative Suite, DVD Burning, Medium gaming (1st per shooters 1024x768 usual size), General Computing, Web stuff.

BUDGET: Within Reason...I picked these components because I could afford them. I cant go Crazy High, but minor adjustments are OK.

- Case (i like my old Antec Server Case)
- DVD-RW (I like my Sony DL Burner (ATA)
- Mobo Abit IB9 (basic board PCI-E, DDR2-800, 4 SATA/2PATA) - I bought this to make me choose between AMD & Intel - Compared C2D6400 & X2-5000+....looked at charts and it seemed to be slightly ahead but comparable...same general price range.
- Matched Pair OCZ 1GB DDR2-800 RAM (bought from friend who bought wrong memory)
- Powerspec 500watt power supply
-(2) 80GIG PATA 7200 WD HDD's....i have the PATA connector on MOBO, why not use it.

To Buy (as cash becomes available (w/in 1 week):

- Intel C2D 6400 ($222.00 @ Microcenter)
- BFG 7900GS OC 256MB PCI-E Video Card (~$185 on Newegg)
- (2) Seagate 250GIG 7200RPM SATA HDDs ($80each)
- (1) Seagate 400 GIG HDD(~$150ish)


Found a nice 22" widescreen CHIMEI 800:1 5MS ($259)

Total in Project (not including parts i already have): approx $1300

If i could get your guys' feedback I would appreciate it. your collective knowledge ... and most of your guys' personal well above mine. Be nice....dont tell me its a piece of crap....but i welcome honest critisizm or approval.

I plan on upgrading in year or 2. So keep that in mind. and once again...i dont do crazy 3d rendering or ultra gaming...

Thank you in advance.
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  1. I am assuming you are going to use the 2 250 gig drives in a raid 0 array and have the 400 gig for storage. I would personally get an 8800gts 320 (about the same cost as the 400 hdd and your current card put together) and spend the 150 on 400 hdd in a month when more cash comes in.

    edit, just notice you already have 2 80 gig drives, why not use those for storage until you feel it neccissary to get ya a whopping 400 gig hard drive.
  2. Looks alright so far, some things I would look into changing are you motherboard. I'm not sure how much that one you have already is, but I would highly recommend getting this board or its brother the DS3. They are very stable, are very compatible with different memory brands, and if you plan on overclocking, are probably the best out there.

    Also, the video card. I would consider any X1950Pro variant over the 7900GS as you are able to find them at the same prices and cheaper. They offer AVIVO and equivalent to superior performance. Here is one that is pretty cheap compared to the one you had chosen.

    The power supply could also be a weak spot even though you already have one bought, I would consider a different one by a Tier 1 or 2 manufacturer.
  3. I am currently looking at a 7900 GT KO 256MB GDDR3 PCI-E or someting like that on Ebay. how would you rate that compared to the 1950x.

    And unfortunately I'm stuck with the MOBO....ehh..oh well. it seems decent enought for what i want.
  4. I agree with other poster, cut back on hard drives and get the 8800, unless you never want a high end GPU. The 2nd tier will work fine (7900 and x1900 series) but graphics are where your computer will shine, not 4-500 more gigs of storage.
  5. another bump for the 8800gts 320
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