trouble reading dvd written from same DVD RAM

i have sony DVD RW AW-G170A on a system with P4 1.6 GHz and 256 MB RAM,the problem is when i write any data DVD it writes fine and even verifies the data properly but when i put the DVD again it doesn't recognize it at all and behaves as it is empty but when i check it nero drive check it says data is written on it i used nero 7 and 6.6 both but nothing reolves the problem installed windows but again of no use also i do have trouble opening DVD's which works on other computer well and on DVD players but my drive can read few of the dvd's very well,please help me about this
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  1. I would wonder if your RAM of 256MB is adequate for what you want to do. :idea:
  2. i guess its not but still it does read some DVD's its not that it doesn't read at all do i need to increase my RAM and then i will be able to read the DVD i write ?
  3. Quantity of Ram has nothing to do with reading discs :tongue: Maybe it's a defective DVD burner, that's all. Try writing some discs with another DVD RW on the same PC if you have the possibility and see if it can read those discs, if yes than it's for sure a defective DVD burner.
  4. thanks for the help it was indeed faulty hardware i got it repaired and it works fine thanks for all the help
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