Need Help with system..upgrade or scrap??

Hi Guys im rather new to the forums and was looking for some help on what to do with my system.

system specs are
asrock 939 dual sata 2
amd 3800+ cpu
1gb ddr400 samsung ram
palit 6800gs 256 mb OC to 450/1100 from 350/1000 but the memory bus is 128 bit not 256!
antec neo he 430w
1 200gb maxtor IDE
2x dvdrw IDE

i was wondering what should be my next upgrade or should i just hold off for say another year and do a complete rebuild a few different opinions would be great help
im currently sitting on an offer from a mate at work who wants to ditch his 1800xt saphire which is 625/1500 at stock for $200 aud but im just thinking my local computer shop sells saphire x1950pros for $250 aud(and just for those yankees out there the exchange is at about 78 aussie cents to the american do-ray-me :).and would my psu handle this?ive been told by a few people that it easily would but im still a little sceptical but i dont wanna junk my psu just yet only had it for about 9 months and shelld out $120 for it lol.

as it stands i can play all games at 12x9 with most eye candy switched on and get pretty decent framerates.
also i get 11k on 3d mark 03 and this seems a little low to me considering should it be higher?
Thanks guys looking forward to hearing from you!

:D :D
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  1. It depends really.

    You can save up for a new system. Or if you want better gaming performance, getting a X1950Pro would be nice.

    You seem to be getting good gaming performance, in this case, save up for a new system :wink:
  2. I would hold on for a while, to hold you over maybe another 1GB of Ram and and mid range 7600 (rated very well in PC Authority) or 7900 Video card. I wouldn't spend any more than that.
  3. If you want to scrap it, send it my way. I'm still running a Duron 1300. :(
  4. I believe you could hold on a bit longer. I once ran a socket 939 3800 in my system, it satisfied me. I upgraded not too long ago to a 4600 x2 just before the well went dry on those. Also running a 7600gt. I know its not a top of the line system, but it would've been last year and i enjoy my rig. Also upgrading my now old school 1gig of ddr400 to 2gig soon...maybe 3 for vista. Ur psu looks good, i have a 330 watt seasonic. I got it before started getting into upgrading my system, but so far its robust enough to power everything. Go SeaSonic!!
    CPU: AMD 4600 X2 (oc to 2.6ghz)
    RAM: 1gb (512 x 2 ddr400)
    Mobo: Asus A8n-LA (negative points for compaq crap)
    GPU: Gigabyte 7600gt (silent pipe II)
    HD: WD 250gb sata2
    PSU: SeaSonic s-12 330watt
    Sound: X-fi XtremeGamer
  5. so how long should i hold out for?wait for dx10 to become mainstream or say until games become unplayable?or just as long as i can? :)
  6. ive managed to OC my 6800gs quite nicely in the past few days got it quite safely up to 498/1096 with stock cooling(however my case has one 12cm fan up front & one 25cm sitting right on the side panel right near the card) running idle at 46c & 68c at full load(want to ask does anyone know of a good way to record your gpu tempreture acurately for viewing later?like an app i could use?)

    but i was wondering what would be a viable upgrade which would really get alotta bang for the buck outta my system (3800+,1gb ddr 400,6800gs agp,asrock dual sata 2) whilst spending say about $250 australian which is about 200usd approx.should i get another gig of dual channel ram would that give it a nice kick?or say buy an 1900xt off ebay or a new 1950pro gigabyte which you can pickup for about 230 aussie dollars now.
    even a suggestion for a second hand card or wateva off ebay would be helpful :)
  7. can anyone help please??
  8. I guess your the one who decides when you think your system can't handle things anymore or if you want it to handle everything better!

    Graphics are easy, if your starting to fall under 30-60fps in games and you don't want to lower the settings it might be time to upgrade.
  9. Dude your system is alright .

    I have a 8800 gts running on a AMD 3000+. I just turn everything sky high in the options like jack it totally all the way .

    No problems in most games . i am holding out till april for prices to fall .

    In case you want to tell your mate that you can a brand new 1950pro for 250$

    so if he could lower the price to say around 170$. Remember the new card will also come with a warranty .

    Change your system only if it does not perform to your satisfaction .
  10. The graphics card could stand an update for sure. Your 3800 is also pretty good. You won't notice any difference until more multi threaded stuff comes out, which still is pretty rare. Supreme Commander i think is one of few games that make a HUGE difference between single and dual core. My games were pretty good while i was running the 3800. The mid range dx10 cards are supposed to come out a month from now...but we'll see. I think one of those would help you see a phenomenal difference in your games. Seeing as you have a 6800gs, you might have had it for a while. Picking up one of those and and extra gb of ram might keep you happy more than a year.
  11. what do you mean pciking up on of those as in running sli?dont have sli board its a dual agp/pciex board and the 6800gs is agp btw....
  12. Tell you're buddy you'll buy the X1800 XT off of him for $170... no more!

    If he takes it, great. If not, wait and upgrade your whole machine.
  13. hmmm i was thinking of waiting say 6 months then upgrade the psu(antec neohe 430w) and get a 8800gts or something similiar depending on ATI dx10
  14. NOOO dont wait 6 months - wait atleast another 7 months :lol:

    Dude you are the epitomy of in-decisiveness .

    Listen to Cleeve he gave you good advice . Want my advice throw your computer out the window and then you wont have a choice :lol:

    Good luck :D seriously and don't worry
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