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I'm currently living in China, and I'm looking to buy a new gaming desktop. Problem is, I simply cannot find any place to get an acceptable computer, online or otherwise. It's driving me crazy. I have no idea how I'm gonna get a good gaming desktop.

My budget is around 1500 - 1800$

Also, I live in Beijing.

What's even worse, I'm not from America so I can't just ask my family to ship me one. Where I'm from they are very expensive!

Any suggestions?
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  1. I think you may do the search with the "baidu" search engine.
  2. You need a local computer enthusiast who can speak in English to bring you to one of the computer place (中关村) in Beijing! Hopefully the Chinese I typed turns up on your computer.
  3. Im looking for a deskto ptoo
  4. Well if you are in Beijing, go to that place.
  5. this site right?
  6. Yeah, I think so. Looks like this is a site for the 中关村 computer market, with the shops in there posting their price and contact and address.
  7. I agree with you..........
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