Western Digital Caviar SE16 500GB Vs Samsung SpinPoint T166

Right . Basically I want to get a high capacity drive and these two HDD's are both €125 on komplett. Im just wondering which one is better??

I would assume that the WD has slightly better performance but that the Samsung is cooler and quieter, would i be right with these statements??

Also installing windows on these sata drives . I need a floppy for this dont i? Does a floppy come with them cause its getting very hard to find floppies anymore, adn last time I checked I copuldnt find one on komplett.

Finally will an SATA2 drive work on any mobo that supports SATA1??

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  1. Both drives are very quiet - and I can't really tell a temperature difference - but my Samsung drives are louder reading and writing than my WD 500. SATA 2 drives either have a jumper for SATA 150 or just work. I've installed windows on several SATA drives and have NEVER installed a RAID driver (except on an array). Hope this helps.
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