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hi there,

I have a question, I recently built my 3rd system and I have shaw xtreme-i and I was wondering how do I network it because the other two computers have there own personal IP address. Is there anyway to share one of their IP address to network to my 3rd one?
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  1. There is a way to share the connection from one of your other computers to your new one. The easiest way would be just to connect it to the router. Now you CAN NOT have 2 of the same IPs on a network, so you will have to assign an IP to your new computer. Then to share a connection from one of your other computers you will have 2 NIC cards.
  2. so you're talking about a crossover with the other 2 computers? will I need a crossover cable for that one though?
  3. Yes, to connect two computers you will need a crossover. Just connect the Xover to your extra NIC and then in your control panel you will need to bridge the connection of the one that has the Internet and the NIC that is connected to the extra computer.
  4. You could also if you want set up a network using a firewire connection. That will work the same way and alleviate the problem of needing to buy a xover cable. You will just have to DL a driver for it. I know when I got my sound card it had a firewire port on it, and a driver, to use as a network connection. So if you have a firewire port you can use it.
  5. how reliable is a Xover cable would I lose speed or still keep it?
  6. Xover ((Crossover)) is just the same as a straight through cable just with computers data is sent down pairs 1 and 2, and received on 3 and 6. So for two computers to communicate, it has to be full duplex, the wires have to be swapped. But there will be no loss in signal.
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