Router or Windows problem? Router ignores pc


Any help is appreciated - I'm soo close to loosing my mind over this one!

I have a home network consisting of one pc (windows xp), one xbox, one Diskstation and yet another pc (also windows xp). All is connected to a Netgear FVS318v3 router that is connected to the WAN through a fiberconverter. All but the last one (pc nr 2) is working fine and is able to connect to the Internet, ping each other and so on.

Windows reports no errors on behalf of the network card on the computer that does not work. It detects when I unplug and replug the cable and seems to be working fine. But... I can only see that packages is sent to the router, not a single one is received from it. When I use DHCP settings the computer assigns itself something like 169.*.*.* which means it cannot get an IP from the router.

On the router side I can se that the pc has tried to connect (the admin-interface of the router has a list of "attached devices" where I can see that the MAC-adress from the network card is listed). However, the router seems to ignore the poor pc.

I'm not able to ping the pc and the pc is not able to ping the router or other devices on the network.

No firewall/anti-virus program is installed on the pc and the Windows firewall is disabled.

What I've done so far
1) Tried other network cards known to be working on other pc's
2) Tried to connect my laptop to the same cable - works fine and retrieves IP from router DHCP server just like it should.
3) Tried both DHCP and fixed IP-configuration on the pc
4) Tried to connect the cable to another port on the router
5) Tried to reboot and reset the router
6) Reinstalled of Windows XP
7) Reinstalled of Windows XP, this time cursing
8) ?

Any suggestions?


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  1. Have you tried to do an ipconfig /flushdns since computers do hang on to IP addresses. I have seen this a lot with laptops where people move from a branch to antoher branch (yea i work for a bank) and it holds the IP address from another location.

    Othan than that sorry.
  2. Thanks for the tip - unfortunally it didn't work.

    But, I'm getting closer. If I connect the pc diret to the router via a separate cable it works fine! So it must be something wrong with the wall outlet.

    I had ruled that out before as I did try to connect my work laptop to the outlet and got connected just fine.

    What I don't understand is how the network card in the laptop can communicat over the cable but not the pc. If the cable is damaged it shouldn't work at all, or I'm I wrong?
  3. That could be a problem, I've had issues like that as well where the transmit or the receive pair of wires are broken or were not punched down correctly. So the router itself may see the device but the device can't respond or vice versa.

    Or the outlet may be wired incorrectly (say wired for cross-over) that might explain why the laptop will connect and pull an address (alot of laptops have auto mdi/mdx so the it will change which pins it uses to send data as needed) whereas alot of NIC's you'll find in a desktop PC won't have that.
  4. Yep, you're right. I solved the problem late last night.

    In fact it was a combination of the problems you described. First, when I checked on the router side I realised that I had crossed the cable on the router side. I fixed that but it still didn't work so I reworked the outlet to be sure it was connected at that end as well. And voila! I had a working network connection.

    Leason learned: some network cards are able to work with crossed cables, some are not.

    Time spent: 20 or so hours distributed over three weeks.

    Thanks for your help!
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