x8 SLI with 8800GTS a no no?

I have bought my motherboard (Abit AW9D-MAX) for the purpose that I would wish to eventually buy two 8800GTSs (one now, another when I need to upgrade).

However I have found out that 8800s wont run at all in SLI under x8 PCIe speeds, only on dual x16 on the more expensive boards.

Is this true or could the cards run just at a slightly slower speed?

On another note, I think there should be budget motherboards with dual x16 PCIe, the budget will come from having less of the other features such as more SATA ports etc, as I mostly only want play games and will never need the 7 or so SATA ports on my motherboard, I just bought it because it had two PCIe slots.

I think a board like that would be popular - very good potential for upgrades related to gaming, and not filled with features not important to most gamers.
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  1. they should work fine in sli.

    x8 or x16. it shouldnt matter.
  2. Will it work on dual 8MHz ISA slots as well? I could overclock my 286 to 12MHz if bandwidth is a problem... LOL
  3. Sorry to dash your hopes but the Abit AW9D-MAX doesnt support SLI it only support Crossfire for it uses the Xpress300 chipset. You can use a single 8800GTS but no SLI.
  4. Apparently the AW9D-max does actually unoffically support SLI. Theres even an sli bridge included with it. 'Hacked drivers' are needed for SLI.

    I asked the question of x8 sli because I read that 8800GTS requires dual x16: Source - Link

    Scroll to bottom of page and theres a small note: These cards require PCI-E x16 slots, they will not function in a x8 slot so for SLi you need dual x16 mainboard. Finally 500W minimum for PSU and 600W+ is recommended.

    Is this shop misinformed? Has anyone actually got x8 sli working for the 8800GTS?
  5. i DONT KNOW cause i only have one 8800

    would be glad to chk it out if you can ship me your card :lol: :lol: :D
  6. Yeah I noticed that at overclockers. Well, I've read quite a few times about people using x8 sli'd GTXs, so unless they're all lying...

    The thing a lot of people say is that's a bit of a strange practice to get top of the line cards and then scrimp on the mobo. You will suffer a slight performance loss. Also - hacked drivers? Probably not a great idea with a technology that hasn't been great for stability.

    Why don't you just get one 8800GTX and not bother with the sli nonsense? By the time you think about getting another GTS to Sli, you usually just want the next best thing anyway.
  7. Agreed. I currently own an 8800GTX and it is unbeat, kicks the pants off the 8800GTS i Step-uped it from using eVGA's step-up.
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