Monitor help with 8800gtx (solved)

I have a samsung 940BX monitor, and I just built a new gaming computer. When I plug the monitor in, it says to check signal cable...I don't know what to do..

i have
850 psu

everything is powered

this guy seems to be having the same problem as me, and he found a solution ( read his later post in thread ) but i dont know what hes talking about when he says 2 wires that look alike.

please help me!
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  1. does your "850 psu" have at least 2 x 6pins cables? are they both plugged into your gpu? If you want to SLI later on (8800gtx) you will need a psu with 4 x 6pins and 56+ amps.
  2. it has no 6 pins. the 6 pin adapters came with the 8800 gtx.

    here is my psu
  3. you sure? that link says it has 2 x 6pins PCI-E :?:
  4. nope, it doesn't.
  5. well what are the pci-e connector types? and how many?
  6. it has a few normal molex conncters which i split to get everything on my case lit up, and 6 sata connecters, and of course the required ones like 20+4 and the cd etc..
  7. convert 2 x 4pins pci-e into 2 x 6pins pci-e and plug both the the 8800 gtx? :?: :idea: :?:
  8. yes, but it was 4 4 pins to 2 6 pins, each adapter required 2 molex
  9. ok sounds right, and thats the setup you have now and it still not working?
  10. yeah, the monitor is just acting like its not plugged in.
  11. are you using only 1 of your two dvi outputs? try using the other dvi output
  12. ive tried using both multiple times.
  13. tried vga on both dvi outputs?
  14. yes. the monitor does work, im using it on my old system with VGA
  15. yes. ive used a crt with it, but i used the same thing later and it didnt work, although it worked while the lcd wasnt, and that was one the 8800 only had half its normal power. very confusing..
  16. Did you boot into windows with 8800/vga and retrieve every available nvidia driver? Hmm... how would you install your samsung drivers onto your 8800 pc? Does the samsung lcd have a cd that you can use while in 8800/vga mode?
  17. yeah ill go try that.
  18. I also just read about a bug that says you should uninstall any graphics overclocking software BEFORE plugging in your GTX. So plug in you old card, boot into windows, unistall (Rivatuner) type softwares and reboot with your GTX afterwards. If thats your case.
  19. Nothing. My vga wont work either. It has no software on it besides windows xp (soon to be vista). absolutely nothing.
  20. try reseating your 8800gtx back into the socket. it may help
  21. The cable you are using could only transfer the analogue signal and your monitor is looking for digital, hence o screen output (should get screen as soon as it boots in windows). If so, change your cable with an appropriate one.
  22. i think it has something to do with my bios, since ever after i configured them ( i didnt touch anything tbh ) and installed xp, it hasnt worked.
  23. reset my bios, nothing.
  24. also tried the 2 pci-e, nothingi
  25. If you are using dvi from the monitor make sure its on digital signal, my bros comp i bought for him was on analog and i wasnt sure what was wrong then i changed it on the monitor (second from far right button?) and it booted
  26. YES!!! THANK YOU!!!
  27. HAHAHAH OMG I seriously thought that is what it was!!! hahah that is amazing, he actually just bought a samsung monitor like urs, the same thing happened awesome man enjoy ur build :lol: :twisted:
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