What is my PC worth?

I want to sell my old PC (preferably to someone I know, so I want to sell it at an honest price) but I'm not sure what it's still worth.
I've tried looking up prices on tweakers.net and other price comparison sites, but the prices they gave for some of the components were rediculously high or low.
my PC has the following components:

Mobo: ASUS P5QD turbo
Processor: intel core II duo e8500 @3.16gh
GPU: sapphire ATI Radeon 4870 gddr5 1024mb
PSU: cooler master real power m700
ram: 4 gb (I can't remember the brand, but it wasn't an expensive one)
hard drive: 320gb (don't remember the brand here either, but it runs at 5400 rpm)
dvd drive: lg super multi securdisc 20x dvd-rw gh20ns10 sata drive
case: mycom case black edition (it's a very basic case sold only at mycom, a dutch pc retailer,without built in PSU.
I bought it for 30 euro's at the time)

I want to know the price excluding the OS, because the person whom I want to sell it to already has a version of windows 7 home premium edition at home.

I hope someone can estimate the value of this PC
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  1. Tech ages quick. Since its dual core maybe a few hundred at the very most.
  2. ssddx said:
    Tech ages quick. Since its dual core maybe a few hundred at the very most.

    certainly true, I know it won't be worth a lot, but a hunderd more or less is quite a difference, could you perhaps specify how many hundreds you had in mind?
  3. well from a quick google search and a little bit of pricing experience it looks like at full retail value (if you can even find the parts) we are talking about these sort of numbers:

    mobo: couldnt find price, going to say $100
    ram: not more than $100
    vid: around $300 looked up
    cpu: around $170 looked up
    hd: around $100
    psu: didnt look up but lets figure around $100
    misc: lets say $100

    this estimate is very likely on the high side so please do not take it literal. for everything but what i listed i assumed a few numbers commonly found. also consider that you can get parts such as the i7 for about $50 more which makes the equipment less valueable than the retail prices you can get them at.

    since we are talking about used computer equipment i'd say half of whatever current retail price (taking the above into account) would be a fair asking price.

    this means that we are talking about $425 to $475 give or take. you might be able to get a little more or less depending on circumstances (as always) but at least this is a fair starting price.
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