help need a good cheap reliable AM2 motherboard

As topic says I need help picking out a good reliable cheap AM2 mother board, so far I have this picked out please feel free to guide me in the right direction. It's for a 2ndary gaming maching it will have a 3800x2, 2gigs of ram, and a 7600gt (best I could find for the price). Also, would it matter if I used 667 ram instead of 800?
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  1. Keep in mind that good, cheap and reliable are contradictions in terms. You can pick one, perhaps two, but probably not all three.

    That said, I've personally had troubles with both MSI boards and VIA chipsets. As a gaming machine the board you selected would be minimal in my view, but it might work out ok. I would look for something from ASUS, Gigabyte, or DFI instead, depending on the limit of your budget. I've heard Abit and Foxcon are also fairly good boards.

    Yes, it does matter whether you use 667 or 800 ram. The 800 will give you higher overall speed, especially with a AMD cpu. Some Intel machines will do fine with 667, but they use different bus speeds and multipliers.
  2. I had my AM2 running in this for a while and it worked just fine. I like the nVidia chipsets better than Via...
  3. I'm with ya Scout, I've got the BFG version that newegg doesn't carry any more for some reason but this one is the EVGA 590 sli
    Why go that cheap on your MoBo you'll be replacing it before you know it and you won't be happy the hole time
    $119 after 30 Rebate
  4. Abit is the way to go. They use the highest quality capacitors and this board at this price, you cant beat it

    Also own 3 gigabyte boards. Would highly recommend them
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