upgrade 533 mhz mb to 800 mhz?

I want to upgrade the processor on my ecs 661gx-m7 board to the fastest p4 it will take. Problem is it only supports a 533 fsb, hyperthreading but no em64t. Looked around quite a bit but can't seem to find a P4 with hyperthreading and a 533 fsb but no 64. Question 1 is: If my mb supports hyperthreading, does it also support em64t? If not, can I OC my mb to 800 mhz? If so, what's the fastest P4 to get? Also have 1 GB and 1 256 mb stick of pc 3200 400mhz ram. Not looking to replace the mb at this time.
Any and all help would be appreciated.
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  1. I cannot recommend a P4 upgrade 8O

    Buddy you would be much better of going with a new mboard and processor.

    Wait till may-june.
  2. Agreed. I spent $50 on a motherboard for an old P4 processor, and it was barely worth it. :-P
  3. 50 dollars on a P4 :lol:

    Now only if i had a time machine :wink: :idea:
  4. ? The motherboard I bought takes PCI-E cards, and is able to hold 2 gigs of PC3200 ram. I paid $50 so I didn't have to buy an AGP card. :-) I had ram, a processor, case, PSU...I just wanted a good mobo for an HTPC.
  5. Quote:
    I cannot recommend a P4 upgrade 8O

    Buddy you would be much better of going with a new mboard and processor.

    Wait till may-june.

    Hey Slash, what happens in may-june?
  6. AMD releases a bunch of new products...chipset, video cards...
  7. Thanks, jd et al for your help-I'll probably go with a new mb and cpu if I can find a combo that fits my existing config w/out breaking the bank. the celeron d 351 that came with this system is a real grinder which is why I want to upgrade in the first place.
    Thanks again...
  8. Keep in mind, a new motherboard may require a PCI-E video card, DDR2 memory, and a heavier PSU...

    If you don't have much to throw at it, I'd save up.
  9. Thanks for your reply. Aren't there any boards that incorporate old and new tech? When I was building 486's, k-2 & 3's & athlons, it seems that there was always some boards out there that had legacy support as well as new tech.
    I think I'll look for a am2 upgraders board. Asrock? Asus, Abit, Soyo, Tyan?
    What we really need is a Fry's in southern Ohio...What do you think?

    thanks again.
  10. If you're looking to unload a P4, I might be interested, provided it's dirt cheap. <$50

    There are boards that have PCI-E slots for socket 478. ASRock makes a mATX board, the P4VM890 which is what I've got. Then there's one made by Tyan I believe, but it costs more. There's the MSI 915GM Speedstar FA4R too but it's not that cheap either, around $120. You can shop Fry's online but it's not that cheap compared to some other sites. AM2 is ok, but right now Core2Duo's are still top dog.
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