Decisions, Decisions... X1600 Pro or wait for the X1650 Pro

Ive been reading up on the reviews for the cards and im a bit torn.

I currently have a Radeon 9600 Pro and it sucks hard. I just got three games I plan on playing extensively for a few weeks, Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood and Road to Hill 30, as well as Call of Duty 2. I never liked FPS but I love WW2 history and these games are awesome.

I get halfway decent framerates in COD2 but BIAs is just pretty bad, even had to play one in 640x480 to get halfway decent framerates.

Basically, I wanna game this weekend and I want to upgrade so heres my situation;

A local shop sells the X1600 Pro for $90(its AGP interface by the way), I saw the benchmarks and I could probably get maybe 20 frames or so extra on lower res with the X1650 Pro, but I would have to order it from newegg which would take about 2 weeks because I ship it to the US before I ship it to where I am, that way I pay about $40 less(dont pay the expensive shipping and taxes if shipped to the US first)

Im probably heading down to the store later on tomorow, unless anyone here heavily disagrees with what I want to do.
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  1. Hmm i can see your predicament .

    Well i would suggest 2 things ;

    IF you want to game right away get the 1600

    If you can wait 2 weeks then you might as well wait for the lower range of dx10 cards.

    In your situation i would wait for the Dx10 cards.

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