Hello, I have been reading your Forum for a few days as my research into building my own rig has brought me here, I have started my purchases mostly from Newegg. I look forward to learning more from you guys as I go along, I have installed almost all of the components in my other computers as I upgraded over the years except a motherboard or CPU. This is my first true build start to finish, I have already gleaned a lot of usefull info and feel confident that with the help from this Forum I should be OK! my first question is about hard drives, should I use my existing one (it is an IDE) or go with a new one (Seagate 250 SATA II) and install my retail version of XP Pro clean?? I am planning on spending a fair bit on the GIGABYTE 680 SLI motherboard for OCing and future expandability Thanks so much for this Forum and I hope to be able to contribute to it as my experiences grow
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  1. No problem using the old drive as long as it not too old and is running fine. You will have to do a clean install of XP in almost every case.
    The system parts all take different drivers so all the old stuff must come out first. Easier and in the long run best to come clean. Keep us informed and run by any parts you have questions on, many people here have more knowledge that you and I can ever learn.
  2. Thanks!!!, Don't worry as soon as something comes up I will be here pleading for help!!! :wink:
  3. Well. for an update:

    Installed my new DVD Burner, Floppy, fan control, PSU, HDD and have my sound card and heatsink /W fan for the CPU

    next I have to buy the RAM and graphics card (next month)

    then mother board and CPU so by the middle of May or so I should be up and running here is a rundown of what I am planning:

    Gigabyte SLI 680 DQ6 motherboard
    E6600 C2D
    EVGA 8800 GTX
    X-FI extreme gamer (got it)
    Tough Power 750 W PSU (got it)
    Thermaltake Armor (total of 5 onboard fans) (got it)
    Corsair 2x1024 6400
    Seagate Barracuda 320 Gig SATA HD (got it)

    I'll put up some pics as soon as I download the camera
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