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I've tried belkin and blitzz wireless pci cards, and each seems to lock up the machine after driver installation. I've made sure to take the necessary steps as specified by the instructions. It's a strange error, and I realize I'm being very vague with the problem, but the problem in general is very vague. Thanks in advance for any information you might have.
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  1. What machine?
    What OS?
    What model of PCI cards?
    Have you tried visiting the vendor's web site to download the latest drivers?
    A lot of people have issues with Belkin (I don't, but I only have experience with exactly one Belkin router, and it has worked flawlessly). I've never heard of the other brand you mention. You might try returning your adapters and buying a more reputable brand name.
  2. Thanks for the help. I returned it and got a USB adapter. I guess it was an issue with the motherboard's PCI slots, since the USB adapter works flawlessly.
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