Another are my temps ok thread

I just built:
E4300 & Scythe ninja 1100P
DS3, Rev 3.3, BIOS F10??
Partiot extreme DDR800
S12 600Watt

My computer had shut down on me a few times when gaming and so I reseated the heatsink using AS5, big dab smack center of the CPU. Before that I had ceramiq, thin layer, all over and the only part making contact was the edges. Center of the heatsink came off completely clean!!!

after shutdown probs I used TAT and was hitting 70 within seconds. After reseating with AS5 I managed to drop the temps a bit. This was my first and second times seating a HS on a C2D. These are my temps now with TAT.

TAT idle = 44-45C
TAT load = 64-65C

This is at stock 1.8Ghz. Is this good/bad or just ok?

I have to set my voltage in bios to 1.368v for speedfan and CPU-Z to read out 1.32v. Which as I understand is what the default V should be for a E4300. Is this right? Do I trust the BIOS setting or waht is read by CPU-Z and Speedfan?? and what about those temps? I want to OC but temps seem too high to start upping the V and FSB?
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  1. Since you've described a concave Integrated Heat Spreader, you may want to consider lapping. Your temps initially appear too high for stock clock and Vcore on a high end cooler, however, there isn't enough information yet to draw any accurate conclusions. To determine how your rig's thermal profile compares to specs and normal parameters, check out the following Sticky:

    Core 2 Duo Temperature Guide

    If you test your system as shown in the "Testing" section of the Guide, and post your system's information using the format under the "Results" and "Variables" sections, then I can analyze your temps to see if there are offsets which need corrections, and recommend appropriate solutions.

    Hope this helps,

    Comp 8)
  2. Variables:
    Ambient = 20-22C ?? How do I figure ambient, *shrugs*
    Chipset = P965
    C2D = E4300
    Cooler = Scythe Ninja 1100P
    Greq. = 1.8Ghz
    Load TAT = 63C
    MB = DS3
    Vcore from speedfan = 1.34 idle

    SPEEDFAN IDLE: Temp2 = 22C
    Core 0/1 = 25C

    LOAD: Temp2 = 46C
    Core 0/1 = 50C

    TAT IDLE: = 43C

    TAT LOAD = 63C

    I should expect a couple degree drop when the AS5 is "cured" as it is now only about 12 hours old.

    Anyways what can we surmize from these results?
  3. Ambient is the room temp, preferably near the computer intake. Remember that 1c = 1.8f, so please confirm your reading.


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  4. Quote:
    Ambient is the room temp, preferably near the computer intake. Remember that 1c = 1.8f, so please confirm your reading.


    Comp 8)

    hehe I know what ambient "is". I dont have any way to measure it acurately. I do not have a thermocouple for my DMM. Sorry.

    And 1C = 32.8f. A delta of 1c = 1.8f hehe :)

    EDIT: So how does everyone else get an acurate ambient temp?
  5. the thermostat says 75f, my meat thermometer says 77f

    so that equates to 23.8C and 25C respectively. Do you think a 24C ambient based on those two devices will suffice?

    If soo I will retest.
  6. Let's go with ambient 24c.


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  7. OK, here we go again. I did a bit of OC. to 2.6ghz

    Ambient = 24C
    Chipset = P965
    C2D = E4300
    Cooler = Scythe Ninja
    Freq. = 2.6Ghz
    Load TAT = 73C
    MB = DS3
    Vcore = 1.34 idle

    SPEEDFAN IDLE: Temp2 = 24C
    Core 0/1 = 28C

    LOAD: Temp2 = 58C
    Core 0/1 = 59C

    TAT IDLE: = 45C

    TAT LOAD = 73C

    Let me know if you want me to go back to stock for this.
  8. TAT is correct, and SpeedFan Core 0/1 is offset by -15c, so to correct for this inaccuracy, configure SpeedFan with a +15c offset for Core 0/1. Check the Guide under the "Offsets" section for directions.

    Hope this helps,

    Comp 8)
  9. UPDATE:

    I have followed the C2D OC guide by wusy and so far have reached a stable 3.0Ghz on this E4300. Running duel primes I get max temp of 62-63C on TAT.

    I have done some fan mods to help cooling. I turned my top blow-hole fan around so that it blows across the ram. I moved the ram back to the outer red slots. I flipped my acrylic window, since this window CPU intake duct no longer fits due the the height of the ninja. I removed the window duct and placed a fan there. Now that the acrylic is flipped the duct/port now sits lower than the ninja. So i now have a 80mm fan there blowing directly down onto my northbridge. Will order a 40mm NB fan real soon.

    +.1v mch
    +.1v fsb
    Mem +.2v
    4-4-4-12 @ DDR833 (333x2.5)
    all other mem setting auto

    Ambient = 22C
    Chipset = P965
    C2D = E4300
    Cooler = Scythe Ninja
    Freq. = 3.0Ghz
    Load TAT = 74C
    MB = DS3
    Vcore = 1.34 idle
    Vcore = 1.31 load

    SPEEDFAN IDLE: Temp2 = 20C
    Core 0/1 = 23C

    LOAD: Temp2 = 58C
    Core 0/1 = 59C

    TAT IDLE: = 43C

    TAT LOAD = 74C

    Even though TAT ran the CPU's to 73-74C at full load, when gaming for an hour and then looking at the TAT log, my temp on TAT while gaming never went over 58C.

    I will see what this Patriot Extreme can do tomorrow night.
  10. little_scrapper, the "Charts" in SpeedFan are very useful to observe trends in Vcore and temps. I noted that your Delta's (Idle to Load) of 38 - Temp 2, 36 - Core0/1, and 31 TAT are well out of spec (25). Since you've just worked on computer case cooling, this indicates a concave Integrated Heat Spreader, which seems prevalent among E4300's.

    (1) Were you able to configure SpeedFan for the recommended offsets?

    (2) Did you test as shown in the Guide with all fans at 100% in manual?

    (3) Have you checked your CPU for flatness?

    You may be looking at lapping your CPU, or perhaps RMA if still an option, but regardless, your temps are definately too high for noraml ambient and Vcore on a good CPU cooler.

    Hope this helps,

    Comp 8)
  11. #1) I never bothered as I can do the math faster in my head...hehe. I just use TAT.

    #2) I run all my fans 100% all the time.

    #3) No. I dont need to. I know its very concave. Whan I took off the heatsink and saw only a bit of ceramiq around the edges I knew I had a bowl. I may do some lapping when I can afford to mess up.

    Not that I really have any doubts about my skills, its just that if I did hose it up the wife would kill me for tossing out almost $200.

    You said that TAT is acurate based on our earlier readings. So I have just been using that. At stock settings I idle at 42-45C depending on room temp and at 100% I max out at about 63-65C. So my delta seems to be about 20C. Since I received my new HD and have a new install again I will run stock to get a feel for this machine. Then later I will overclock again. That way i will know if something is "wrong"
  12. Fair enough. No future for any man to knowingly place himself in jepardy of envoking the wrath of the boss. 8O Always best to maintain peace, harmony, and domestic tranquility. :wink: Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

    Good luck with your rig, and enjoy! :D

    Comp 8)
  13. Well I decided to give myself the opportunity to completely toss my entire self under the bus.

    I went out and not only purchased 3 different packs of wet/dry sandpaper!! But I also went out and bought 6-32 1 1/2" brass screws, Brass knurled nuts, 1/2" compression springs, and I already have 1/4" steel and fibre washers. I am not only going to lap my CPU this weekend but I am also going to remove the plastic retainer clips and use REAL hardware to mount my ninja!!!!

    Unfortunately, they did not have 200 grit sandpaper. The lowest they had was 320. I was just going to skip the 320 since it is soo close to the 400, but I figured I may need the extra cutting for my initial step. I am only going up to 600 and am going to use ceramique. So I got 320, 400, and 600. Everything I read says 600 is the best finish for optimal heat transfer.

    I will be sure to take lost of pics. Ill keep you posted.
  14. Please do! I need to do the same. The concave e4300 seems to be a reoccuring theme...
  15. It is done!!! The preliminary numbers are that it is running about 5C lower at load. I am going to let the ceramique settle in for a few days and see where things end up. I have a few pics also I will load up tomorrow night maybe.
  16. Mine looks like I got ~3 degrees from lapping just the e4300, not the Ninja. I used AS5, but I fear too much. I wonder if that is hurting me.
  17. I've been reading about OCing for years and years, but I'm only starting to do it now w/ my new E4300. Things looked good looking at SpeedFan, but now that I've found TAT, it turns out I'm running pretty warm. Asrock 4CoreDual-VSTA, no voltage mods, retail HSF, etc., runs 78C under TAT load @ 2.7GHz (300x9) (high 40's when idle). That's not cool. If I replaced the stock thermal compound on the HSF with AS5, would that do anything significant? I really was hoping to avoid buying a new HSF, though I was also hoping to get it up to 3.0GHz.

    I guess my question is... what's the best price/performance solution, with minimal effort (i.e. no lapping) for cooling this chip when I'm looking for respectable, but not record breaking, speeds?
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