Modifying asrock bios possible?

Hello. I'm the, not really proud, owner of an asrock 939SLI-esata2 motherboard. It has the annoying feature of limiting the maximum vcore setting according to the cpu's rated max. My problem now is that I'm running my opteron 170 at 288x9 - and in order to make that 288x10 I'll need to up the voltage to approx 1.475 or 1.5v - but I can't go past 1.4v because the bios doesn't let me.

According to an asrock tech support guy, the bios sets the limit according to the cpu id - is there a way to alter the bios without a crc error ? and is there a way to figure out my cpu's id and learn one of the id's that are allowed a higher max? or is there an alternative way of overriding the vcore max without soldering resistors onto the board?

ps. cpu runs at 45C under dual prime95 - so I'm not worried about additional heat.
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  1. Personally, I wouldn't do it.
    If your Bios is award there is this utility:

    Award BIOS Editor
  2. I'm not at home right now, but I'm quite certain it's either an amibios or a phoenix, cause I've got to hit F2 not DEL to enter it ....
    any program for these ?

    Anyhow, I was just hoping to use a hex editor and switch the id's for the opty and another processor (with higher limit) around - can't do it if those images are compressed obviously, but I haven't bothered looking yet.

    I know I can fuck up the board, and I know the warrenty is void ... but it's a cheap board ....

    So ... is there a way to learn the cpu id's of the various ones, so I can see which to swap (or even look for) .. and is there a ready made tool for phoenix or ami bios?
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