Anyone ever use Sunbeam cases

Looking through newegg and saw this

doesn't look too bad. has a window which i'm apathetic on.

but it does have 3 12cm fans. with space to add another 12cm fan to where the window is.
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  1. I've used the full-tower Transformer they are well-built.

    That one looks familiar... Hmm compare to the COOLER MASTER Centurion 532 almost identical save the core fan mounting bracket. Based on that, the 532 is a good quality case so that Sunbeam should be as well. If you don't like the window consider the 532 it is well-cooled even has the same side panel fan capability and without the window is much easier to mod a fan in the lower vent as well.
  2. Not a bad company at all. They're kind of unknown, but that doesn't mean anything. The case you picked seems to have a nice layout, all except for the strange bar across the side of the case...

    If you didn't know, Sunbeam is the company that makes the Tuniq Tower; a well known and effective processor heatsink.

    Best of Luck
  3. thanks guys.

    it was either that thing

    or one of their other ones
  4. They're both fine choices. Be aware that the clear acrylic case is a LOT of work. I have a friend that has that one; installation is a pain, and it fingerprints incredibly easily. It is also somewhat fragile (its not metal...). However, it does look SWEET!

    Best of Luck
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