Problems with Radeon and VIA

I have a ATI Radeon 9600 All-in-Wonder 128MB RAM video card on a
ECS L7VTA2 (VIA KT400 chipset) motherboard.

When i put both together i realized i have a problem.

The thing is the PC won't boot with the card. When i press the power button the PC powers up but nothing happens (its on but no action is taken, and the screen is powered off also). I have to turn the PC off (by holding the power button) and 1-2 secs (not later) after that press the power button again, and it starts perfectly. If i am half a second late the PC powers up but like the first time stays like that (the monitor doesn't power on and nothing happens)

It seems like some power thing. When i turn it off and immediately after that, while its still "hot" i turn it on it starts fine, else nothing? I have tried with a new 500 watt supply but it's the same again.

Does anyone have a solution for this problem?
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  1. one of my friends was having that sorta problem, but i cant recall what chipset he had. However his mobo was a good 7-8 years old

    The issue turned out that his bios was set so that it would look at the pci (not pci-e) slot for a graphics extention and not the agp slot. So i just changed it to agp and it started to run without problems.

    Dunno if that is the case here.

    It could just be the card dying out.

    whats the rest of your system?? and what make/model is your 500 watt psu???

    I dont think the problem is between radeon and via, as my mobo has via and iv had radeon cards run on it flawlessly.
  2. Definitely a new bios would be the first step, but you'd need a temporary videocard that works to install it...
  3. If i do the trick i described the card works fine in any way, but it's becoming boring to do that every day (although it takes me 10 secs :)

    I tried with a new bios (it's an old board BTW) but no help.

    I read somewhere that the problem happens on many boards with that chipset.
  4. Solution: never turn it off! :P
  5. lol.....cant see a fault in that solution apart from wasting electricity when not required.
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